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Joint Meeting:

2011 K-State Symposium and
KCC Leadership Roundtable
at the K-State Alumni Center on the Kansas State University campus

2K-State Symposium:
Innovative Approaches to Cooperative Finance
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Symposium will focus on describing sound financial strategies for cooperative businesses and introducing newer innovative strategies that have been proved as effective. These strategies include income distribution alternatives and equity redemption alternatives coordinated using balance sheet management. One new strategy is how to best capture the benefits of Section 199 based on your co-op’s unique situation.Many unusual and interesting financial strategies are being proposed by so-called “experts” but some are ineffective, even dangerous. Come learn what works and what doesn’t work based on the best research and best implementation experience.

K-State Symposium Brochure

KCC Leadership Roundtable:
"Look Who's Talking...Managing Social Technology"
Monday, August 29, 2011

The Leadership Roundtable will focus on social technology and media. We will first define social technology and social media, provide examples of useful strategies to incorporate into your business, and then provide case studies to demonstrate how other agricultural companies and producers are using social media to promote their business. Even if you do not participate in social media, it is wise to know what others are saying about your business. Do you know who is talking about you? Strategies for monitoring social media sites and managing your reputation will be highlighted as well.

KCC Leadership Roundtable Brochure  


The On-line Registration Form is Currently Unavailable

We are experiencing a technical glitch and the online registration form is not working at this time. Please print this form and fax it to 785.532.6925 to register. Thank you for your understanding!



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